Chincoteague And Gypsy Horses

Welcome to the Banner Queen Ranch

Here in the southwest, let me introduce you to two rare and beautiful breeds of horses. The famous Chincoteague Ponies and Gypsy Sport horses!

I will try to keep posting new pictures. If you see any horses or ponies you are interested in, please contact us about availability.  if you email and don't hear back the same day, try calling. 

 Thanks 760 765 2618

Chincoteague ponies on the island of Assateague

Luna Belle and Cindy

Bluey all grown up!

The Sisters  2010 and 2014 !


Blue Luna Sea~ Gypsy Sport Horse   (at one day old!)  Born June 1, 2007

  "Chicky"            Picture taken at 4 hours old ---   April 14, 2009

Kai-Otis         New guy on the ranch!

Otis is a beautiful Akhal-Teke!

He is 15hh and metallic perlino in color. We are lucky to have him here. The history of this ancient breed from Turkmenistan is fascinating. Until I have time to write more here, please google this breed to learn more!

Pebble Beach, CA