Chincoteague And Gypsy Horses



We have a new plan for any 2015-16 foals. We are taking orders for in-vitro sales only. You can tell me which stallion you would like bred to which mare for your perfect foal! This includes the Chincoteagues or Gypsies or a cross between the two! The economy being what it is and a lot of other horses being abandoned and auctioned... I am not willing to make more unless they have a loving home ready and waiting for them. We do still have a couple for sale but unless things change we will not be purposely breeding unless pre-arranged.

~Cindy 760 765 2618 

Our Chincoteague Ponies

We have a small  herd of Chincoteague ponies at our southern California ranch. Some are off Assateague Island. Others were born in captivity. All are registered with the Chincoteague Pony Association. New foals will now be registered with the Chincoteague Pony Registry. We have a couple for sale and two pinto stallions at stud.   These ponies have a Strong Spanish presence!
We can also help you find the right Chincoteague if we don't have one here! We can buy and transport from the Chincoteague auction after their famous swim across the channel, or from one of the eastern breeders that we know. The Chincoteague Pony Rescue in Maryland always has some nice ponies!
Call  760 765 2618 or email for more information. Keep in mind, some emails don't make it through. If you don't hear back from us the same day, please try calling.


Breezie has learned to paint !!!!

 Can't say enough about the Chincoteague ponies' desire to learn and interact with their people!

Breezie has learned a new skill. She loves to paint! This has made her life more interesting for her. We started painting because she would pick up rocks and scrape them along a cement wall. I tried to discourage this by giving her other things to pick sidewalk chalk. Breezie has never been one to protect her food from other horses, but she will chase them away from her paintings! 

Breezie had her first showing of paintings and will now be offering them for sale! I just wish I could let her paint as often as she wants. She goes through paint and canvas rather quickly though!

Soon, I will either start a new website for Breezie or make a page for her on this one. A video will be coming soon. Each of her paintings has a photograph included of her painting that picture.

If you are interested in seeing what she has for sale, please shoot me an email :) All proceeds go directly to Breezie, for hay, carrots and paint!

Three of Breezie's paintings !!

Banner Queen Desert Star 2010 gelding.  Out of Bonnie, by Bailey.      This is one beautiful gelding! Star gets those beautiful dapples like his mom:)  Born 3/22/2010  Sold! Congratulations Julie!

Charlie, Darcy and Eddie   are now in new homes   

Eddie   2008 gelding out of Fancy, by Bailey    Sold- Thank you Maxine!


Walnut Hill's Bella (Birdie)    2007 filly  SOLD Congratulations Melanie!

Breezie- 2007  filly                     (winter)

Breezie      NFS

Freddie 2008  son of Bailey and Ashley                        NFS

Walnut Hill's Arkansas' Ashley       1998 broodmare   14.2hh.   NFS

Arkansas' Bonnie  1998  broodmare  13.2 hh.                NFS

Allison- (Lexie's Delightful Dream)  2007  filly        Daughter of Bailey and Bonnie         SOLD - Thank you Dee of 4S Chincoteagues!

Alicia's Fancy-  broodmare        13.2 hh.          Sold to Tuti in Hawaii

Fancy and Darcy now live in Hawaii. We miss her but she sure has a nice home!

Fancy's colt, "Koa"  Born in Hawaii. 6/2010 Sire is 4S Calico Kid

 Bella  7yr old mare 13.3 hands Sold     1/2 Chincoteague, 1/2 Arabian      Picture is for reference of crossbreeding.                              

Stella   2008 Filly, Bella's daughter,  3/4 Arabian. Sold

Gracie- filly, buckskin pinto      (winter)                                 NFS